June 26, 2018

Celebrating the 4th July in the US

The United States Independence Day is celebrated every year on the 4th of July (which is next week!) – it’s one of the most patriotic holidays in the USA and is full of family, fireworks and fun. A quick bit of history for our users who aren’t from the US (because it’s important to know the reason behind the festivities!) – Independence Day celebrates the separation of the USA from Great Britain, and the United States’ declaration of independence.

From having small family gatherings and picnics with friends, to throwing huge parties and eating and drinking until dawn, people celebrate the 4th of July in many different ways. It might sound like celebrating this holiday could be expensive, but don’t panic, enjoying yourself on Independence Day doesn’t mean spending loads of cash.

If you haven’t decided what you’re going to do to celebrate Independence Day this year, here are a few ideas for you that will make sure you stick to your budget…

Watch a parade – the atmosphere of the 4th of July parades are the epitome of ‘celebration’. If there’s a parade in your town, it’ll definitely be the place to be if you’re looking to have some fun to celebrate. The colours, the music and the people are just a few of the things that make the parades so brilliant and they’re all free to attend.

Have a barbecue or picnic – the Independence Day holiday is the perfect time to throw a family gathering and have a barbecue or picnic. Hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob and coleslaw are great foods to enjoy whilst celebrating Independence Day with all of your favorite people. To make sure things don’t too expensive for you, why not ask everyone to pitch in and bring a different food or drink item with them? That way the cost is shared between everyone.

Attend a firework display – watching a firework display is one of the most popular ways to celebrate 4th of July. You’ll be spoilt for choice seeing as there are so many different ones held all across the country. Just go to Google, search for fireworks displays in your area and you’ll find a number of displays being held. Many of them will be free to attend so you won’t have to spend anything to enjoy Independence Day!

Go to a concert – there are lots of concerts held specifically to celebrate the 4th of July and what it means to the USA. Again, just head to Google to find out if there’s any concerts being held near you that you could attend. The atmosphere of a 4th of July concert will definitely rival that of the parades so be prepared to have some fun.

Hanging the American flag from your house or car, dressing patriotically or making crafts for the 4th of July are also all great ways to get in to the spirit of celebrating and they won’t break the bank either.

Do you have plans for the 4th of July?



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