November 21, 2017

Making the most out of Black Friday

The biggest sale day of the year is only three days away – of course, we’re talking about Black Friday! To make the most out of the huge savings available this week (and the even bigger ones on Friday itself), it’s best to have a plan; if you know what to shop for and where the best deals are going to, you can end up saving hundreds.

More retailers than ever now take part in Black Friday so you’ll find great discounts and offers almost everywhere – from big department stores and clothes shops, to electronics and homeware products. It’s the perfect time to start your Christmas shopping (or finish it off if you’ve already begun!).

Whether you’re planning to brave the busy stores and shopping crowds on Friday, or stay home and shop online (remember Qmee is always here to help you find the best deals), there are certain items that are always worth buying on Black Friday.

Take a look at how to make the most out of Black Friday and some of the best things to buy…

Electronics – laptops, tablets and smartphones are three of the best things to buy on Black Friday as they always have some of the greatest prices, discounts and deals going. The offers may often be on slightly older models, but they still aren’t that old as we know new models are brought out all the time! So if you don’t mind being slightly behind with your technology, Black Friday is the best day of the year to buy your electronics.

Home appliances – toasters, coffee makers, blenders and microwaves drop down to extremely low prices after Thanksgiving. If you want to get more serious about your kitchen, now is the time to do so, or if you’ve been waiting for a good deal before buying that shiny new appliance, that time is just three days away.

TVs –  prices are usually cut by a huge amount and there are deals across a wide number of stores; televisions are more likely to be sold at the lowest price of the year during Black Friday. One of the reasons TVs are sold are such low prices on this day is because January isn’t too far away, and that’s when new products are introduced to the market and old models become discontinued.

Clothes – you may be surprised to know that even clothes retailers have jumped on the Black Friday bandwagon and will be providing great discounts and offers. It’s a great time to buy your winter clothes, even if you don’t need them yet, because if you wait until next month you’ll miss out on all of the fantastic prices.

Toys – it’s the perfect day for toy shopping! A lot of stores will open early on Friday and they’ll be offering some of the best deals of the year. If you’re planning on buying holiday gifts from Santa, this is the perfect time.

Remember, when you’re trying to save cash on Black Friday the most important thing is to have a plan. If you go to a store with the idea of looking at what’s on sale and making a “there and then” decision, you’ll end up impulse buying and spending more money. So over the next few days, have a look at what’s on sale, see if it’s right for you, and then look for the best price.

What’s the best Black Friday deal you’ve found?



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