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June 3, 2014

Smartphones – how they have changed our lives [infographic]

Has your battery ever died on your smartphone in the middle of the day? Then you’ll know how amazing it is that we ever existed before smartphones were around – how did you check what you were having for your dinner, or what the weather was like in the next town, or how to walk to […]

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February 4, 2014

The evolution of the smartphone

With the recent release of the new iPhones and the constant barrage of new smartphones we’ve been looking back at the age of the smartphone and how it has evolved over the years. Did you own any of these models? 1993 – IBM Simon – part phone, part PDA, part pager, part fax machine – […]

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October 29, 2013

10 apps that will make your life easier

We’ve all caught ourselves wondering what we did before the existence of smartphones, but you’re life could be made even easier by these handy apps that you might not have known existed!     Taste – Can’t decide what to eat? Or just have limited resources in your cupboard? Taste lets you search through recipes, […]

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