April 7, 2016

Most popular brands by State

Does which US State you live in affect how frivolous or frugal you are? Well, we’ve done the research to find out!

Recently we’ve been looking at which States opt for the luxury brands, and which tend to choose the less expensive brands – so who spends more than who across the US!

We’ve seen that the most frivolous cities, and those who might be spending the most on luxury brands, are San Francisco, Sacramento, St. Louis, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. The cities that look to us like they’re spending the least, and could therefore be more frugal, are New York, Chicago, Miami, San Diego and Brooklyn – surprised?

We also wanted to take a look at the most popular brands that people buy in each of the US States. We wanted to know if Macy’s is more popular than Target in Philadelphia?! Or if Nike is more popular than American Eagle in Texas?! Take a look at our newest infographic below which shows what we think are the most popular brands in each State.

Are you surprised by the what our research has shown? Do you live somewhere that’s shown to be frivolous when you’re great at being frugal? Leave us a comment to let us know what you think.




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