April 22, 2013

5 Products You Can Buy Which Pay For Themselves

1. A Bicycle

Without a shadow of a doubt, a bicycle is one of the greatest tools mankind has created. According to some scientific research, a person on a bicycle is the most efficient form of transportation out of ANY animal in terms of energy spent by distance covered. That may not seem too impressive at first, but next time you’re wobbling up a hill on your trusty stead, find solace in the fact that despite how calm a bird may look in flight, a handful of fruit and nut will take you twice as far.

Plus, as an added bonus the study also found a bicycle will immediately make you an all around better person, as you shun petrol for pedal and pick up a great new hobby along the way. OK, the study didn’t say that but it’s true.

We aren’t experts but depending on your budget, we’d recommend the following:

Low range – Saracen Urban

Mid range – Specialized Allez

Upper end – Boardman Road Team

2. A Lunch Box

Not just the foray of the frugal school kid, good lunch boxes will put pounds in your pocket and help keep them off your waistline too. Don’t worry, they’ve come a long way since that gaudy plastic Transformers and My Little Pony number you sported in school. These days, expect compartments that put an end to squashed and scrambled food and some even come with cooling devices. They’re also available in a range of styles and colour, so you can look as cool as your prawn sandwiches feel.

We’d recommend something along the lines of the L.L. Bean Turbo Transit. Make sure to check out these handy adult lunch time recipes by Tesco too.

3. Basic Tool Kit

OK, so you’re not going to be the next Handy Andy but a screwdriver, hammer and a few other essentials isn’t going to do you any harm…unless you’re one of the clumsy sorts. No matter how well built your home is, there’s always going be something loose or wobbling that needs some TLC. Why pay the costs of calling someone out when a tool set from Argos can do the trick for you?

Why not build your own kitchen?

4. A French Press & Insulated Flask

Spending too much pocket money on Starbucks? Dropping your change in the office coffee machine when your eyes start feeling heavy? Get a good French Press, some strong Columbian coffee and an insulated flask to keep it all warm. Not only will it pay for itself in a few weeks, you’ll also uncover the deep aromas and rich tastes real coffee has to offer.

5. Electric Hair Trimmer

Sorry if this one only applies to those of you rich in testosterone, but a good electric beard trimmer is going to save you a fortune compared to disposable razors. With disposable razor use costing upwards a lot more than you’d imagine per year for the average male, a beard trimmer will recoup itself in no time. Going back to our good old friend science, it’s also been found that men with beards are judged as the most aggressive and the least attractive. So, if you want some extra cash and a lady friend, a good trimmer might be what you’re looking for.

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