May 31, 2022

5 Travel Packing Tips & Tricks

Storing loose cables

Loose cables can become a real thorn in your side. Nobody likes having to spend what feels like an eternity undoing a knot that seemingly decided to not only tie itself while you weren’t looking, but also in such a way that only a genius-level puzzle master could untie. Not to mention an incredibly messy one at that (the knotted cables, that is, not the puzzle master)! 

Well, you can look no further than a trusty old sunglasses case for the solution! Simply place your cables in the case and close it – it’s really as simple as that!

Sock space saver 

Sometimes it feels like socks often take up about 99.9% of your travel case, despite their amicably small size. Well, we’ve got a neat hack to tuck away those pesky deceivers!

Place the socks together and roll them up. Make sure to leave a small section at the end, then use that part to wrap around the now rolled part (essentially doubling back on itself to create a compact roll). Then, pack each pair inside of your packed shoes – we can fit about 3 pairs per shoe, but you may have different shoes to us! Voila!

Keep shirt collars stiff 

Saying goodbye to creased collars on your shirts, and hello to perfectly crease-proof collars! Take any belt, roll it up and place it between the collars.

Use newspaper to avoid creases

Place a sheet on top of the clothing before folding, leaving the newspaper inside and you can prevent creases in your shirts. 

Keep clothes smelling fresh 

Place a dryer sheet between each item of clothing to keep your clothes fresh in between stays

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