March 29, 2021

Celebrating Easter on a budget

The Easter weekend is fast approaching and it’s the perfect holiday to spend some quality time with family and have some fun. But we know how easy it is to get carried away with your budget in the spirit of all the festivities. Buying loads of chocolate, decorations and gifts for an Easter weekend get together, can end up costing a lot more than you had planned to spend.

However, celebrating Easter doesn’t have to mean splashing out and going over budget. You can still celebrate the holiday and have fun without breaking the bank.  To give you a helping hand we’ve put together some top money-saving tips for the Easter weekend that you can do without breaking your budget.

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Set a budget…

Knowing how much you want to spend before buying anything will really help when it comes to keeping costs low. Set a budget for any meals, gifts, candy and decorations and stick to it when you do your shopping.

DIY decorations…

Instead of spending money on decorations, why not make your own? This is a great way to save money. Get your kids involved too. It’s fun and interactive. And allows your kids to use their imagination and creativity. If you’re not the creative type you can always get cheap decorations or recycle last year’s decorations if you’ve kept them.

Why buy it, when you can make it…

A great way to save money on food and drinks is by making your own Easter treats. For some ideas on Easter-themed dishes check out our recipes! You could also have some budget-friendly snacks like popcorn and candy for the kids. Also, look out for any Easter deals and vouchers for snacks and drinks to help save money on these items.

Make Easter Crafts…

If you’re planning on staying home this year creating Easter crafts is a great way to celebrate with your kids. It’s fun and interactive. And allows your kids to use their imagination and creativity to create crafts that you can use as decorations. Instead of spending money on decorations, why not make your own? This is also a great activity and a great way to save some money.

Have a home-made Easter egg hunt…

Everyone loves a traditional Easter egg hunt, especially the kids. Public egg hunts pop up all over the place around Easter time but for many of them you have to pay to take part and they aren’t always cheap. So, why not create your own one at home? You don’t have to splash out and buy expensive gifts; just buy a variety of sweets to create a trail around the house and garden. No one will notice that the prizes are little ones because they’ll be enjoying themselves too much.

Take advantage of deals, coupons and cashback..

Cashback rewards are one of the best things about shopping. With specially chosen offers you’ll be getting free cash at the same time as doing something you were going to do anyway. So it’s a win-win situation! There are a number of different types of cashback rewards and they’re a bonus for you especially at Easter.  Keep an eye out for offers and deals that provide cashback. And you could end up saving (and earning!) a nice amount of money. If you haven’t already check out the cashback offers available on Qmee.

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