September 24, 2012

How Much are you Worth to Google?

All the news lately has been about the iPhone 5 so we thought we would take a look at something different – just how much are you worth to Google and other search engines?

First off, some Google stats: on July 19th, 2012 Google Inc announced it’s second quarter 2012 results with revenues up 35% from the first quarter to $12.21billion. The company, already with a reported Net Worth of $200billion, defied expectations and the burden of swallowing up mobile manufacturer Motorola to continue it’s growth as one of the worlds biggest, and most profitable, companies.

But whilst most people are more than aware of it’s search engine, the services that makes up a whopping 96% of their revenues comes from AdWords and Adsense, both advertising products.

Even Android, the most widely used smartphone operating system available, doesn’t make Google a penny without serving adverts to its users. But just how much do they make from each individual user? We did a little calculation to see and we think you will be surprised.

Drum roll please… you are worth $82.63 to Google. Just to put that into perspective, we also looked at your worth on Bing and Yahoo! which were $34.74 and $29.33 respectively.

Googles Search Revenues = $29.38billion
US Online Population = 239,893,600 Google
US Market Share = 66.7% (Googles Search Revenues/US Online Population)/Google US Market Share

Have we got our figures wrong or do you think you could improve on our estimates? Let us know in the comments below!

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