November 25, 2015

Is Trump a sucker for emotional movies?

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The Internet has an answer for pretty much everything, which is handy because most of us inquisitive folks have asked it some pretty weird stuff.

That little search box has to field millions of queries every day, ranging from the mundane (“How do I use the Internet?”), to the bizarre (“How do I make my cat love me?”) and, frankly, worrying (“How do I know if a spider bite is fatal?”). By the end of the week, your Internet search history reveals a whole lot about who you are—for better or for worse.

With the presidential elections right around the corner, Qmee, a free browser app, decided to take a look at a handful of the Internet’s most frequently searched candidates. What would you get if you could determine the other most-used queries during the same browsing session that features your favorite presidential hopeful?

No, these pairings aren’t non-sequiturs, despite how random they may seem. Here are Qmee’s top four personas of people who follow the country’s top presidential candidates:

Donald Trump

Are you a supporter of Donald Trump? You probably drive around in a Ford F-150 and watch “Saving Private Ryan” every Sunday night with a box of tissues.


Hillary Clinton

Is Hillary Clinton your homegirl? You’re probably lusting over that new Tesla Model X and thinking about Matt Damon in space (to clarify, “The Martian,” since he’s gone intergalactic on us a lot lately).


Bernie Sanders

White mountain peaks and Bernie Sander’s white locks? They have more in common than an achromatic color. Those who searched for Bernie Sanders also showed an interest in the movie “Everest” and the Ford Ranger.


Ben Carson

Does Ben Carson have something in common with Frankenstein? We won’t go there. But chances are “Hotel Transylvania” is on your must-see list (and a Chevy is on you must-drive list) if you’re into Ben Carson.


We might not all agree on politics, but whether you’re a diehard Hillary Clinton supporter or a devoted Trump follower, Qmee showed us that you may have more in common with people across the aisle than you think. No matter what candidate people searched for they also went looking for popstar, Taylor Swift and the hit show, The Walking Dead.

An emerging alternative to Google, Bing and Yahoo, Qmee chooses to share the wealth, as opposed to pocketing advertising dollars, earning users and average of $60 a year just for searching online as they normally would. Founded with the singular goal of putting the consumer back at the center of the Internet, Qmee users have earned more than half a million dollars since its launch in 2013. To get paid for searching online, go to


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