June 22, 2022

Meet Our Users – Charlotte’s story

As many of you who are connected with us on social media know, we have been asking you (the Qmee users!) to send us your Qmee stories. We’ve wanted to know all about why you use Qmee and what you use the rewards for! 

The story below is from Charlotte, living in the South of England. Charlotte started using Qmee in early 2022, and told us she loves the no minimum cashout feature.

Some edits have been made to ensure readability.

How did you first hear about Qmee? 

I first heard about Qmee in early 2022. It was originally on a blog on ways to save money for university students.

What are your favourite aspects of Qmee?

My favourite thing about Qmee is how you can cash out your money whenever you want! It’s saved me from so many sticky situations in the past, and I’m sure it’ll continue to do that in the future.

What do your rewards help with?

I use them to pay for little rewards for myself. Then, I can put the rest of my money towards essentials.

How much have you earned so far?

I don’t know how much I’ve made overall using Qmee. But, in the last few days I’ve made around £20!

Why would you tell your friends to use Qmee? 

I tell as many people as I can about Qmee because it allows me that bit of financial freedom that I wouldn’t usually have.

Check out our ‘Meet our Qmee users’ blog if you’d like more information on this series, or if you’d like to take part!

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