June 23, 2022

No-bake Key Lime Cream Pie

By a show of hands, who here likes the thought of being only two steps away from a delicious key lime cream pie that you don’t even need to bake? … ✋ Count us in!

If you had to ask yourself “Two steps!? No baking!? How does Qmee find the quickest, easiest, and tastiest recipes?” you’re not alone (*cough* humble brag *cough*)! Suspend your wonder for just a moment, because that’s all the time you’ll need to make this simple, yet tasty no-bake key lime cream pie!

This is a dish so tasty that “Wow, this really is delicious!” will be your key lime… key line. 😇

…We’re here all week! 

What you’ll need:

1 package (11.3 ounces) pecan shortbread cookies, crushed (about 2 cups)

1/3 cup butter, melted

4 cups heavy whipping cream

1/4 cup confectioners’/powdered sugar

1 teaspoon coconut extract

1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese, softened

1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed milk

1/2 cup Key lime juice

1/4 cup sweetened shredded coconut, toasted

Optional: Maraschino cherries with stems and sliced Key limes

What you’ll need to do:

Step 1

In a small bowl, mix crushed cookies and butter. Press onto the bottom and up the sides of a greased 9 inch deep-dish pie plate. Then, in a large bowl, beat the cream until it begins to thicken. Add confectioners’/powdered sugar and extract; beat until stiff peaks form. In another large bowl, beat the cream cheese, condensed milk and the lime juice until it’s blended together. Fold in 2 cups whipped cream. Lastly, spoon everything into prepared crust.

Step 2

Top with the remaining whipped cream; sprinkle with toasted coconut. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving. If desired, you can garnish the top with cherries and limes.

Step 3

Enjoy! ☺️


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