July 15, 2021

Saving money on your summer trips

Everyone loves to take trips and vacations in the summer – it’s the perfect time to! Whether it’s with family or friends, getting away from your everyday life for a week, or even just for a day, is always highly enjoyable. Whether you’re planning on going cross country or staying slightly more local, this is the best time of year to pack a bag and take a trip! Most people haven’t been on a trip in the last year and a half and now that everything is slowly coming back to normal – you might just be able to take that long-awaited summer trip!

Be sure to check the restrictions and travel regulations before you go and remember to stay safe and be mindful when you travel.

The only problem is trips and vacations can sometimes be expensive – the travel, accommodation, food and activities whilst you’re there all add up. But don’t worry, we’ve put together some trustworthy money-saving tips you can use when taking your summer trip! Take a look below…

Set a budget

Before you do anything or go anywhere, set your vacation/trip budget – and make sure you do everything you can to stick to it. If you set the budget before you start your trip, you’ll subconsciously end up thinking about how much things will cost and you won’t end up over-spending like most people normally do when taking a vacation.

Take a one-tank trip

Instead of getting in the car to drive all day to somewhere far away, why not plan out a one-tank mini-trip to save on gas? You’ll feel like you’re getting away but it’ll cost a lot less than if you planned a trip somewhere that takes a long time to get to. Chances are there are some great nearby attractions that you’ve been meaning to get to for ages so now summer’s here, it’s a perfect time!

Save when you fly

With surcharges on everything from luggage to food, flying can be extremely expensive. However, there are things you can do to keep costs down – for example, bring your own snacks for the airport rather than buying when you get there, pack efficiently and maximise what you carry on the plane to make sure you don’t have to pay extra for heavy suitcases and search online for the best flight deals.

Save when you eat

You don’t have to go to a restaurant every night you’re away from home, and if you do, the cost will add up fast! If you’re staying overnight, choose a room with a kitchen so that you can cook your own breakfast, lunch and dinner – buying ingredients will save you a lot compared to eating out all the time. For the evenings you do want to eat out, why not look for money saving coupons beforehand to keep the price down!

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