October 29, 2020

Tips on how to throw a Halloween party on a budget

We’re in the last week of October and Halloween is right around the corner. Pumpkins are being carved, decorations are going up and things have definitely started to get spooky! 

We understand you want to have fun on Halloween but you also don’t want to spend a fortune on costumes, food or decorations. A great way to do this is by throwing a Halloween party. Although this sounds like it could be expensive, it doesn’t have to be. We’ve put together a few tips on how to throw a Halloween party on a budget.

Make your own costumes – Save some cash and make your own costumes instead of going out and buying a load of expensive ones. Pinterest is a great resource for inspiration so make sure you do some research. You could even get the kids involved – they’ll feel great that they helped make their own costume. You could also recycle old costumes and add a few new touches. This is a great way to get creative and stay on budget

DIY decorations  – Instead of spending money on decorations, why not make your own? This is a great way to save money. Get your kids involved too. It’s fun and interactive. And allows your kids to use their imagination and creativity. If you’re not the creative type you can always get cheap decorations to make your home look spooky for the evening or recycle last year’s decorations if you’ve kept them.

Make your own food and drinks – What’s a party without food? A great way to save money on food and drinks is by making your own. Have a dinner party instead of a table filled with snacks,. This means that you’ll only have to think of one meal idea instead of multiple snack ideas. For some ideas on Halloween themed dishes check out our recipes! You could also have some budget-friendly snacks like popcorn, candy and deviled eggs. Also, look out for any Halloween deals and vouchers for snacks and drinks to help save money on these items.

Budget-friendly activities – Keep the kids entertained with some fun budget-friendly activities. Carving pumpkins is a really fun activity that all the family can get involved with. They aren’t expensive, especially if you buy them last minute, Remember, you can also use all of the pumpkins that you’ve scraped out in soups and pies so nothing will go to waste. A Halloween Hunt is a fun activity that the kids will. Hide a bunch of treats in various places of your home and create a spooky map with clues for your kids to follow. Play some Halloween themed games like pin the nose on the pumpkin or Halloween charades.

There are so many things you could do to throw Halloween party on a budget, we’ve only named a few. So make sure you have fun and get in the spirit of Halloween on October 31st (without splashing the cash!).

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