May 30, 2014

Unclaimed loyalty card points

It has been revealed that loyalty card owners in Britain are holding over £1.3 billion (around ¢2.2 billion) in unclaimed loyalty points in their wallets and purses!

Around 9/10 people subscribe to a loyalty card scheme and about 1/7 of these people have an average amount of £28.60 (¢47.84) left unclaimed.

At Qmee we make claiming your rewards as easy as possible – just a click of a button and your PayPal account is filled with your pennies, but some companies seem to make points redemption a bit of a chore. This is probably why so many of you forsake claiming them.

How many time a day are you asked for the multiple loyalty cards that take up much-needed space in your wallet? Do you ever bother getting your card scanned? This could be because some companies don’t tell you the real value of what you’re collecting, make a point of finding out when you’re next in store – they could be more beneficial than you know!

However, we are still saving more than we are wasting, with the total points redemption equating to £2.1 billion (around ¢3.5 billion) in savings – so that’s something for the conscious among you!

Do you redeem your loyalty card points?

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2 thoughts on “Unclaimed loyalty card points

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    I think it would be an absolutely lovely surprise to come across a loyalty card that has some redeemable money on it that I had forgotten about. Plus I like to save up my points and cash out or redeem them once there’s a decent amount in there.

    An average of £28.60 may just suggest that people like to save them up i.e. use them at the end of year to buy Christmas lunch, like I do. 😛

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    Christmas lunch is a good one!

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