August 23, 2022

5 Life Hacks For CHEAP Flights!

When looking to travel internationally or domestically, the one thing that can be a real drain on your finances is the HEAVY costs associated with flights! What’s more, it can be incredibly tiresome trying to find the best (and most importantly, cheapest) flights available to you, however, with these 5 life hacks for cheap flights, you’ll be flying high in no time!

With all that said, you may not have to travel too far to find the best flight & travel deals – hop aboard Qmee Airlines (don’t worry, this isn’t a shock announcement that we’ve branched out into the aviation industry) with your first-class ticket to money-saving heaven!

#1 Use a VPN

Using any premium or free VPN to alter your location to a country outside of yours can sometimes drastically reduce your flight cost! 

We recommend using Google Flights to search for your desired flight to see the cost before using the VPN. Then activate the VPN to change your country. Next, refresh your page in order to ensure that the currency has changed to that of the country your VPN has connected to, which when converted back to your local currency, will be cheaper.

The amount you save will depend on the country (and its currency) that you’ve connected to, so, we suggest swapping the country connection if the prices in the event you could go even lower.

#2 Find ‘Mistake Fares’

Mistake Fares or Error fares is the term given when an airline or online travel agency sells a ticket for significantly less than they had intended. This is normally the case of human error, for example: A round trip ticket from New York (JFK) to London (Heathrow) could be $75 instead of $750 – all it takes is for someone to forget to add that extra 0 and you’ve got yourself a major deal! 

However, you have to be flexible with your dates in order to catch one that works for you. These occurrences aren’t too common, as they tend to occur every 4 – 6 weeks on average, and you’ll have to be quick too! Due to these potentially huge cuts, the deal is unlikely to last any longer than a few hours.

Again we recommend using Google Flights to set price alerts that will notify you when the price for a selected route lowers. However, you can use sites like airfarewatchdog or ScottsCheapFlights to save you having to do the heavy duty monitoring.


Check Multiple Locations

If there are multiple airports that you can choose to fly out of, it’s best to check with all of them, as it can sometimes be the case that it’ll be more expensive to fly out of or into large hubs. However, you may find that larger, busier airports have cheaper flights – that’s why it’s always worth checking!

Choosing to travel a few extra hours to a different airport could end up saving you some major cash – and who doesn’t want to do that, right!? 


Use Historical Price Data

Taking advantage of historical pricing tools like those provided by AirHint, you can figure out whether the price of the ticket for your desired flight is more likely to rise or fall. 

These tools will further allow you to decide on whether it would be best for you to book your long-awaited vacation immediately, or wait a few weeks!


Check Price with Multiple Airlines

Flying with the same airline for a round-trip can often cost you more than if you were to use one airline for your flight to your destination, and a different one for the flight back. When flying to larger airports, it’s almost always cheaper to do it this way. This is especially the case more often, if two competing airlines fly to and from the same locations.

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