October 11, 2022

5 Money-saving Ways to Keep Warm at Home this Winter

As the winter weather closes in, and the sun starts heading to bed earlier, it’s no surprise to anyone that finding the sweet spot of low-cost comfort is a must-have! Well, look no further, because with these 5 money-saving ways to keep warm at home this Winter, you’ll reach Spring wondering why you have a load more cash & a load more warmth!

#1 Don’t close your drapes/curtains during the day

This way works the best if it’s a sunny day, rather than an overcast one. Ideally, you should keep them open on the side of your home that the sun can shine directly into, as the Sun’s radiant heat will keep your home warm. 

The cherry on top of this trick is to then close them before sunset, in order to trap in your newly acquired heat! Then you can look forward to a night of toasty bliss!

#2 Thermal Clothing

This one is simple and the title explains it all: wear thermal clothing! It may be tempting to put on your normal loungewear when at home, but if you can bear to swap it out for thermal clothing for the winter months, you won’t be complaining! Although thin, thermal clothing can make a HUGE difference both inside & outside the house, by allowing you to retain more heat!


Plastic Sealant

These handy helpers can make the difference between night and day! Okay, not literally, that’s a little too magical for what these bring to the table, but magical nonetheless. As mentioned in a previous blog post, sealing your windows and doors will prevent cold air from entering and warm air from escaping.

Here’s an additional tip: you can use the smoke from a lit candle or incense stick to detect draughts in your home! That way you can be sure you’re sealing all the right parts!


Curtain liner panels

If you’re someone who has relatively thin drapes/curtains that typically let a fair amount of light in, it could help you out tremendously to purchase some of these. Not only do they let in less light, but they also provide additional insulation, and prevent heat loss from your curtains!

This can be a game changer when paired with method number 1 – you’ll be so perfectly warm that you’ll wonder whether you’ve teleported to Barbados! Although, we wouldn’t recommend opening the curtains to find out… just keep those closed!

#5 Transparent Thermal Insulating Film

Let me just say it here; this stuff is incredible! Transparent thermal insulating film is a type of thin, malleable plastic (similar to cellophane) that is aligned with your window pane to retain the heat! We know what you’re saying… “Why would I want to put cellophane on my windows!?”…Well, you wouldn’t! However, it can only be compared to cellophane in its original state – aha! See, I bet you weren’t expecting that plot twist!

You see, this film is designed in such a way that when heat is applied with -say- a blow dryer, it will stick to the glass and essentially become invisible! Now, we should add, you will have to stretch the material, so as to not cause any unwanted creases in the film. 

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