July 21, 2015

5 things that help make a great road trip

There’s something about summer that just makes us want a change of scenery and to spend time somewhere different; that’s probably why the summer months are when most people go on holiday. Lots of people think “going on holiday” means jumping on a plane to another country – but have you thought about going on a road trip this summer instead?

When the weather is good, the lure of the open road and its’ endless destination possibilities makes us want to load up the car and just go somewhere! As well as being just as fun and exciting, a road trip can be a lot cheaper than a full-blown holiday abroad – and saving money is always good news.

Whether you fill up the tank and just get going, or you carefully plan your journey for a couple of weeks in advance, here are 5 things that help make a great road trip…


  1. Lots of snacks – there’s nothing better than having yummy snacks ready for when you take a break from driving. Whether you’ve planned your stop off points or you’re more spontaneous with your road trip, knowing that whenever and wherever you stop you’ve got a cool box full of snacks and drinks that you love makes the drive much more enjoyable.
  1. A worthy playlist – wind the windows down, turn the music up and sing like no one’s listening! Road trips are the best time to practice your singing skills, so make sure you have the music that you love ready for your trip. If your road trip is going to be a really long one, always take plenty of different music – you don’t want to be listening to the same song over and over again!
  1. Comfy clothes – definitely a necessity for a great road trip. Whether you’re the driver or a passenger, you have to be comfy throughout the journey. We’d suggest staying away from jeans as they can get uncomfortable when sitting in a car for hours, and try clothes made of soft material instead – no one is going to see you so it doesn’t matter what you look like!
  1. A camera – whether you’re headed to the beach, the country or even to the mountains, you’re going to make some great memories along the way – keep a camera close by to capture your favorite moments. If you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before, it’s likely you’ll see things you’ve never seen before so make sure you get snapping! You could make a photo collage from your favorite pictures when you get home.
  1. A best friend! – no road trip can be called “a great road trip” without a best friend to keep you company and to have fun with. A normal road trip can turn in to the greatest road trip of all time with your best friend there. So organize your trip, fill the car with gas, pick up your best buddy and start driving!


We’d really love to know if you’re planning a road trip for this summer, and if you are, where you’re heading to! Leave us a comment below…


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