November 29, 2016

5 ways to get in to the holiday spirit

It’s almost here – the 1st December is two days away and everyone knows that once December has started, the holiday spirit should too! Christmas is just under four weeks away and excitement is filling the air already. We’ve started our holiday shopping, found some great deals using the Qmee app and we’re making a list of the food we need for Christmas day. But are you feeling the holiday spirit yet?

Sometimes the stress of holiday shopping, finding the right presents for your loved ones and panicking about hosting Christmas dinner can make you forget what the holiday season is all about. So, if you’re feeling less than ready for the holidays at the moment, we’ve thought of five simple (but great!) things to do to help you get in to the Christmas spirit. And don’t worry, you have loads of time to do them…

Play some holiday music – turn up the volume and let the spirit of Christmas fill your house whilst you sing along! If you don’t know the words to any of the famous Christmas songs, why not print them off or read them from your mobile or tablet whilst the music plays? Once you’ve sung along to a couple of songs you’re bound to feel ready for the holidays.

See some holiday lights – although there’s still two days to go until December, many places have put up their holiday lights already. Load up the car with snacks and your loved ones then drive around the lit-up neighbourhoods. Seeing some holiday lights is a great way to get in to spirit and it may also give you some ideas for how to decorate your house too.

Have a holiday movie night – get the popcorn ready, throw on your comfy clothes and snuggle in for a night of holiday films. Whether you’re a fan of Miracle on 34th Street, or maybe Elf is more to your taste, there’s a holiday movie out there for everyone. You’ll be wishing it was Christmas the very next day once you’ve started watching!

Visit Santa Claus – he is the epitome of the holidays! Why not take a break from shopping and take the kids to sit on Santa’s lap? Seeing their faces light up at the sight of him is sure to warm your heart and get you in the Christmas spirit if you aren’t feeling it yet.

Make some holiday ornaments – creating a new ornament each year can turn in to a great tradition. It’s a brilliant low-budget way to make personalized gifts and decorations. Get the kids involved as it’ll be exciting for them to see their handmade ornaments hanging from the Christmas tree (when you’re ready to put it up!) or around the house.

We’d love to know what your plans are for December and for the holidays so leave us a comment below…



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