September 19, 2017

Celebrating apple season in the US

Did you know that it’s apple season in the US? Although apples aren’t native to America, they’re one of the most valuable fruit crops – oranges being the most valuable. The season is typically from mid-August to mid-October, so it’s in full swing right now! There are lots of things you can do during this time to enjoy and celebrate apple season, and you don’t have to spend a lot of cash which is always a bonus.

During fall, no matter where you live (city, suburbs or country), there’s sure to be an apple event nearby! Why not make the most out of this season? You could start by trying some types of apple you’ve never had before – there are over 20 types to choose from so you’re spoilt for choice.

We’ve put together some ideas for things you can do to have fun this apple season without having to spend a lot…

Go apple picking – many local farmers open their orchards during fall for you to have a day out and experience apple picking. You’ll often get to enjoy a wagon ride through the farm before you’re taken to the orchard. You can even spend the rest of your afternoon at the farm as many will offer fresh doughnuts and homemade apple cider! It’s a great way to support local farms (they’ll usually charge a very small entrance fee) as well as have a fun day out with the family.

Go to an apple festival – there’s always tons of activities to get involved in, for both adults and children, so get online and find out where your nearest apple festival is being held. Why not join in with the apple pie baking contest? Or if baking isn’t your thing, there’s always the apple pie eating contest! The festivals often have live music and entertainment as well.

Cook with apples – whether it’s a pie, a crumble or a spicy apple chutney, apples are a great fruit to cook with. There are some great recipes online for a wide range of different meals and desserts so get searching! If you get your ingredients from a wholesale store they shouldn’t cost much, and you can always use what you already have at home to save some money too.

Try a cold hard cider – the drink of choice this season is, of course, hard cider! Cider is a great drink to enjoy with friends (if you’re of the correct age) and you’ll find it on tap, and bottled, at many local bars and restaurants. Cider itself has a wonderful flavour but you can also find added flavours such as mixed fruit, strawberry, lime, and elderflower so make sure you try them out if you get a chance this apple season.

Create some apple games – apple bobbing is a great game to play with the kids, especially as Halloween is coming up too. It may seem like an old-fashioned thing to do, but putting some freshly cleaned apples in a bowl of water and getting the kids to try and fish them out by biting them is actually a lot of fun! Plus, it won’t cost much at all.

Do you have any plans to enjoy apple season this year? We’d love to know what they are, especially if you’ve got some tips for sticking to a budget at the same time. Leave us a comment below…



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