August 5, 2015

Back to school!

It’s the beginning of August and summer is in full swing – but although the weather tells us summer is ongoing, for our American Qmee users the summer break is nearly over and it’s almost time to go back to school.

In the couple of weeks before school starts a lot of people start to feel anxious and worried when thinking about getting back in to the school routine – it’s not easy after a month of parties, road trips, barbecues and relaxing with friends, especially if you’ve just left high school and your starting your first semester at college!

But we think going back to school or starting college is an exciting time too; you just need to do a bit of planning ahead and preparing so you feel completely relaxed (or as relaxed as possible!) when day one starts. We’ve got a few ideas that’ll help you gear up and get ready…

Find a place to study – although your lessons haven’t started yet, this should be the first thing on your agenda. Whether you’re moving away from home to go to college, or you’re heading back to high school, having your own space to study is important. You might think your dorm room, or bedroom at home, is the answer – it’s the obvious choice, but is it the right choice? You can be easily distracted by your roommate or parents when trying to study so maybe think about using the school/college’s library as your study space, or a quiet coffee shop that has free WiFi?

Organize yourself – have a plan, write it down, follow it. It’s as simple as that! You’re much more likely to stick to a schedule if it’s written down than if you just make a plan in your head. There are some great apps you can download to help with homework planning, or you could opt for a simple day planner and tick things off your to-do list with a pen.

Stay healthy – eating the right food can make a huge, positive difference with your school life. Filling up on junk food or sweet treats won’t keep you properly nourished whilst studying. Skipping meals can leave you feeling weak and unfocussed – and you definitely don’t want to be unfocussed when trying to finish an assignment! Try to make healthy choices for lunch – if you’re eating at the school’s cafeteria, head to the salad bar rather than the cheeseburger stand!

Get enough sleep – this can be hard when you’re worrying about your next test, you’ve got an assignment to finish or your friends have decided to have a party in their college dorm! But it’s so important that you get enough sleep throughout the week – your body needs time to recharge so you’re able to think straight throughout the day. Eight hours of sleep a night is recommended so try and work that in to your routine – you’ll feel so much better if you do!

Be positive – heading back to school with the right attitude can lead you on the path to success straight away. Try to see the glass as half-full when it comes to finishing your assignments – so instead of always thinking “I won’t ever get this done in time”, think “I’ll definitely finish this on time if I start it now!” and you’re much more likely to succeed in doing so. Exercise is a great way to help you feel more positive about life in general so why not join the school/college gym and go twice a week. Optimism is important in coping with all aspects of school life.

We’d really love to hear your tips on going back to school, or if you’re starting at a new college, so leave us a comment below…


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