October 15, 2019

Enjoying the fall season without breaking the bank

As the middle of October arrives, so does the fall season for our UK, US and Canadian Qmee users (our Australian users are enjoying their spring!).

With temperatures dropping, leaves starting to fall and the whisper of Halloween and Bonfire Night in the air, it’s safe to say summer is definitely finished. Warm clothes, hot drinks, nights in, crisp colder air and playing in the fallen leaves are just a few of the exciting things about this season – we know not everyone is happy to see the end of summer but fall can be an amazing time if you relax and enjoy it.

Due to the weather not being great in fall, it’s not so easy to spend time outside doing things that are free – so you may feel that fall is an expensive season. However, it doesn’t have to be! Take a look at these ideas for enjoying fall without breaking the bank…

Enjoy a warm night in – the fall season is the perfect time to enjoy nights in with your loved one whilst the temperature is dropping outside. Grab a blanket, pick some of your favorite movies and snacks, and get your comfy pyjamas on! To save money, you can watch films from your current collection rather than buying new ones, and look out for deals on snacks at your local store – there will be plenty to choose from to keep your cosy night in inexpensive.

Start getting crafty – with Halloween and Christmas not too far away, fall is a great time to start crafting. You’ll find some brilliant ideas online for Halloween decorations and things you can add to your Christmas tree. Craft supplies usually don’t cost much, and you can always use things you already have at home to make sure you’re well within your budget. You could even use some of your homemade crafts as gifts for your friends and family members.

Spend time walking – we don’t mean walking to your nearest shop to buy some milk and bread! Wrap up warm and try heading somewhere with beautiful scenery; some woods, a national park or even a local lake. There’s nothing better than walking through the crunchy autumnal leaves in the crisp fall air. Walking is free (of course!) so you don’t have to worry about spending any money and it has the added bonus of getting your 30 minutes of exercise for that day!

Get cooking – when it’s cold outside, you may not feel like going out so why not spend a day cooking some yummy food. Whether you choose sweet or savoury, there’s so much to choose from and you’ll find some great recipes online and on our blog! Ingredients aren’t expensive to buy so you won’t have to splash the cash to enjoy yourself.

Carve a pumpkin – Halloween wouldn’t be the same without buying a pumpkin and creating something really clever out of it! Social media is full of pictures of amazing pumpkin carving ideas in the lead up to October 31st. Pumpkins are relatively cheap to buy and they’ll keep you busy having to scoop out the seeds and carve a unique design. If you save the seeds and some of the inside of the pumpkin, you can use them in a recipe as well.

See, you can still have fun even when the colder seasons start!

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