August 28, 2018

Father’s Day in Australia – tips for saving cash

You may not know (unless you’re one of our Australian Qmee users!) that Sunday 2nd September is Father’s Day in the wonderful country of Australia.

Our Dads are our heroes so it’s the perfect time to show them how much we love them and thank them for all the great things they do for us. There isn’t as much coverage for Father’s Day as there is for Mother’s Day, so it’s sometimes easy to forget if you don’t have it in your diary.

When it comes to your Dad, he’s not an area of your life you want to be scrimping on but at the same time you may have set a tight budget for this year or may be trying to save as much money as possible each month. If this is the case, don’t panic, there are plenty of great things you can do for your Dad on Father’s Day that he’s bound to absolutely love and that won’t cost you a fortune.

Take a look at these tips for saving cash on Father’s Day…

Go home-made – instead of buying a fancy, expensive Father’s Day card why not make your own one to give to him? The effort you put in to it will be more appreciated than the money you could have spent – the bits and pieces you’ll need to make a card won’t cost much at all. This is a great thing to do if you have kids as well – they’re sure to enjoy getting crafty!

Have a day out – you don’t have to take your Dad somewhere expensive to have a good time; all parents want is to spend quality time with their kids, so you could go for a picnic, a bike ride or a relaxing walk along the nearest beach. Spending time together is most definitely free.

Cook for him – depending on the time of day you’ll be seeing your Dad on Father’s Day, why not cook him his favourite meal? Cooking at home will definitely cost you less than taking him out for a meal on Father’s Day. Plus, he’ll love the amount of time and thought you’ve put in to it. Pop down to your local grocery store or even order the ingredients online and get cooking!

Make a photo album – what’s the most important thing to your Father? You! And the rest of your family of course. So why not print off some photos of your family that you know he’ll love and create a personalised photo album for him. This is a great gift that he’ll be able to keep forever, and it won’t cost you much to create.

We’re sure no matter what you do for your Dad on Sunday, he’ll absolutely love it.



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