December 15, 2020

Finished a survey but received a smaller reward than expected? Here’s why…

Ever wondered why you only received a small reward when finishing a survey? In the great amount of feedback we’ve been sent regarding surveys, we’ve often come across questions such as “Why didn’t I get the full reward for this survey?” and “I got to the end of the survey but I’ve only been paid a small amount, why?”.

Well, it’s because your survey was declined by the survey provider at/near the end. But we (Qmee, your saviours!) have given you a percentage of the full reward anyway, even though the survey was declined.

You may have noticed that you have received a percentage of the full survey reward for a survey that has been marked as declined. This reward was paid by us (Qmee) not the survey provider. This is to say thank you for your time and effort and show you, our users, just how much we appreciate you

We know how annoying and discouraging it is when you get declined from a survey by the survey provider – especially when you’ve spent time on it. We do all we can to stop this but we rely on partners to provide you with surveys so it’s often outside of our control. We don’t agree with survey providers declining surveys at/near the very end.

So now, when you’re unable to complete a survey but we can see you’ve spent time in it, we’re going to try and reward you with a percentage of the full survey reward whenever we can – even though the survey has been declined by the survey provider.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to do this for every survey that has been declined, but, we try to do it as often as possible. Just so you know, Qmee doesn’t get paid for any declined/unsuccessful surveys either – just like you we only get paid for surveys that have been marked as “Complete” by the providers.

If you receive a bonus reward for your declined/unsuccessful survey, we’ll add it straight to your piggybank. And the amount will be shown in the Reward column on your Surveys tab.

Remember, you won’t be able to answer every survey. But we’d love for you to keep trying so you earn more rewards too!

If you need some more help, please get in touch with our Support Team (

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