February 7, 2019

How to get your survey profile to 100% complete

So you’ve answered all the available questions on your survey profile, but you’re still only at 75% complete – huh?! Surely you should now be at 100%, right?

Well, not if there’s still questions you need to answer!

Once you’ve filled out your survey profile with the main information, extra profile questions pop up now and again on your survey dashboard – this happens whether you’re using Qmee on your desktop/laptop, or if you’re using the mobile app. Sometimes, you might be too busy to answer those extra questions at the time they pop up, so you choose the “skip” option to answer them later.

It’s these “skipped” questions that are preventing your profile from being 100% complete. But if you’ve skipped them, how can you answer them if they don’t appear on your dashboard again?

Don’t worry, there is a way!

On the mobile app…

  • Go to the “Profile” tab shown along the bottom of the app.
  • Start scrolling down and you’ll see that each section of questions has a title (e.g. Home, Work, Technology, Automotive, Gaming).
  • Next to the title of each question section you’ll see how many questions there are in that section, and how many of them you’ve completed.
  • For example, if your Gaming section shows 8/8, it means you’ve completed all 8 questions in that section. But if your Technology section shows 5/9, it means you’ve only answered 5 questions out of the total 9 questions in that section.
  • For any sections that show you still have questions to answer, you’ll be able to click on the drop down (shown where the total number of questions are).
  • Once you’ve clicked on the drop down, ALL questions available in that specific section will be shown, and you’ll be able to see which ones you still need to answer to get your profile to 100% complete.

On your desktop/laptop…

  • Go to your “Account” section (shown next to your piggybank balance in the top right hand corner).
  • Make sure you’re on your “Survey Profile” section.
  • Underneath where your survey profile percentage is shown, and above where the profile questions are, you’ll see an option on the left hand side that says “Show all”.
  • If you click the “Show all” option, all of the survey profile questions will appear in each of their sections. You’ll then be able to find which ones you still need to answer.
  • Or, the same as on the mobile app, you can check each section to see the amount of questions you’ve answered out of the total amount of questions available – just click on each section to drop down all of the questions.

If you have any questions or need any help with completing your survey profile, please contact our Support team on support@qmee.com.

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