October 7, 2015

How funny are your searches?

While typing a question in to Google, have you ever wondered if other people ask the same types of questions that you do?

We have grown so reliant on the Internet as the ultimate go-to source for all our queries that we ask it everything and anything. Search engines, by nature, invite people to ask any question that comes to mind, no matter how uncommon or funny it may be!

We’ve compiled a list of the most humorous, bizarre, and downright confusing queries we’ve seen throughout September! Here are the top 10 and where they originated from…

  •     How long is two day shipping? – Colorado
  •     How to train a dog to walk on a treadmill? – Illinois
  •     Why does bad vodka taste bad? – Michigan
  •     How in the world can Sean be pronounced Shawn? – Ohio
  •     Why are there so many goddam crumbs on the bed? – Ohio
  •     Why do ice cubes taste funny? – Pennsylvania
  •     Why baby poop smells like buttered popcorn? – Washington
  •     Where does the bathroom fan lead to? – Texas
  •     How heavy is an ounce of gold? – Maryland
  •     How to stop my hands from shaking after freezing them? – Louisiana

What’s the wackiest question you’ve asked today?


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