December 14, 2021

How-To – Gift wrapping

With the holidays fast approaching, you might’ve bought your presents (or be in the process of), and the next step of being prepared for Christmas will be wrapping the presents you’ve purchased. There are many ways to wrap a gift, but not all of us are pros, and sometimes it is easier said than done.

Here at Qmee, we decided we’d give you step-by-step instructions on how to wrap presents. This method is simple, easy and pretty quick. So, if wrapping gifts isn’t your strong point, then read on to learn how to wrap a gift as good as the Christmas elves!

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Step 1:

Lay your gift in the centre of your wrapping paper before you cut it. Fold the edge of the paper over to ensure you have enough gift wrap to cover your gift with some overlap.

Step 2:

Once you’re happy that the gift will be covered, cut your paper in a neat, straight line.

Step 3:

With your gift in the center, fold the 2 longer edges into the middle, with one overlapping the other. Secure it along the center line with some Sellotape.

Step 4:

On one of the open ends, fold the top edges of of the overlap into the bottom edge. This will give you a triangle like shape. Fold this triangle up towards the center line and secure with Sellotape.

Step 5:

Repeat step 4 on the other open edge of the gift.

Step 6:

Your present is wrapped! If you have any loose edges, secure them down with Sellotape. If you want to add something extra special to your gift, try getting creative with wrapping stars, string or ribbon!

Now you have everything you need for picture perfect gifts – Happy wrapping!

If you’re feeling like Christmas prep is falling far behind, check out our blog for getting organised this Christmas!

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