April 28, 2020

Keep fit and stay healthy whilst at home

How do we keep fit and stay healthy whilst stuck at home all the time? It sounds like an easy question to answer – “just do some exercise!” – but it’s not always that simple. Being at home constantly means motivation levels drop, tiredness increases from the lack of movement, fresh air and sunlight, and it’s very easy to become lazy when doing less in general. It’s a ‘catch twenty two’: exercise itself often makes people feel better (due to all the endorphins it causes to rush around your body!) in situations like this, but the motivation to actually get up and DO some exercise isn’t there.

So what can we do about this?! What can we do to keep fit and stay healthy over the next few weeks or months, whilst we’re at home for the majority of the time? Don’t panic, there are answers to these questions that will help! The main thing to remember is that you’re more likely to feel better about everything, including yourself, if you feel fit and healthy. Daily exercise, even just 30 minutes a day, is likely to make you feel happier, less tired and less inclined to sit on the couch all day feeling blue. Of course, it’s not the answer to everything BUT staying healthy, especially at the moment, is so important.

Take a look at these ideas we’ve put together for things you can do whilst at home to keep fit and stay healthy…

Do some home workouts – believe it or not, you don’t need a gym to be able to workout! Using your own bodyweight and doing some high intensity exercises is a great way to keep fit whilst at home. Have a look online for some different exercises you’d like to do (e.g. lunges, squats, press-ups), make a plan of how many you want to do (e.g. 12 each) or for how long you want to do each exercise (e.g. one minute) and you’ve got yourself a home workout right there!

Take part in virtual classes or workout videos – if you don’t really enjoying working out but want to do some exercise, one of the best ways to get motivated is to join in with a class. Whilst we’re all at home, the class will have to be virtual but you’ll still get the same out of it; you’ll have someone else there with you (on your laptop or mobile screen!), pushing you to do more and join in. There’s currently loads of virtual classes and workout videos available online so take some time to find ones you like the look of. You could even get your partner, kids or other family members involved so it feels more fun!

Get an online personal trainer – if you’re really struggling to keep fit and healthy whilst at home and feel you need more help and motivation, why not find a personal trainer? There are plenty of PTs that are online based, and many that weren’t online based currently are due to the situation of having to stay at home – so there will be plenty for you to choose from. Of course, this option comes with a cost but that cost will be worth it if it keeps you fit. Personal trainers are great for motivation, setting you up with a training/exercise plan and even helping you with your nutrition.

Go for a daily walk, run or bike ride – if you’ve tried doing workouts at home in your living room and you’re not enjoying it or feeling motivated by it, why not do something outside to keep fit instead. Remember, it’s not a problem to take an hour out of your day to go outside and do some exercise. Walking, running or bike riding are all great ways to keep your health and fitness up during this time.

Remember to eat well – being stuck at home can often lead to lots of snacking and eating when you’re not actually hungry, but just bored! Eating healthy food is really important whilst we’re at home and moving a lot less than we normally would. Try to cook homemade meals as often as possible (and only have a cheeky takeaway every now and again!) and don’t snack on chocolate and crisps in between meals. Make sure you’re drinking lots, especially lots of water, as we often eat when we’re actually thirsty! Of course, it’s not a problem to eat the things you enjoy and have some treats when you fancy them – just remember to keep a balance.

There’s lots of ideas and help for keeping fit and healthy circulating online at the moment so take some time out of your day to do some research and make a plan that’s right for YOU.

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