October 15, 2013

Most searched for Halloween costumes

If you’re stuck for Halloween costume ideas this year, or just can’t face another year as a cat, we’ve found out what the most searched for costumes were in 2012 for you for inspiration!


Pirate – 370,000 searches

Whether you model yourself on the classic, or a more recent pirate from the past few years, people generally tend to go all out for this one – which is probably why it’s the most popular.


Zombie – 175,000 searches

Probably the most cost effective costume, whether you’re the rabid, infected zombie or the more classic, shuffling option – simply rip your clothes and coat yourself in red paint. All you need to do is perfect your chosen walk.


Vampire – 165,600 searches

We have a feeling that not long ago this costume was top of the list – unfortunately covering yourself in glitter might not be a viable option anymore with the more classic approach to the vampire being more suitable nowadays.


Wonder Woman – 148,000 searches

Wonder Woman is a classic and very often fought-over costume, but unless you’re extremely talented when faced with a sewing machine and some lycra, the shop bought option is a must.


Ninja – 128,000 searches

The perfect costume for any party you don’t want to go to – no one actually ever sees ninjas, do they?


Catwoman – 121,000 searches

Now, it’s not a cat so any friends that complain you wear the same costume every year haven’t got a leg to stand on. Plus you don’t have to worry about fashioning yourself a tail that won’t fall off half way through the night.


Captain America /Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy – 81,000 searches

After the influx of superhero movies over the past few years it is understandable that their costumes are so popular – that and the many options those more creatively inclined have for inventive crafting with their flashy outfits…


Werewolf – 54,000

Unsure why this isn’t more popular – bit of fake hair, some fangs, an excuse to let out a few howls whenever the mood strikes – what more could you want?


Thor/Green Lantern – 29,000

It appears that a god and a mere super hero are on par in the popularity competition. Depending on how manly you’re feeling that day you can go for a lump hammer or a lantern – it’s also always a good idea to take into account how good you look in green lycra.


Frankenstein – 23,800

The first ever monster appears to have been shunned for the more modern heroes and villains, but who can say no to some classic green paint?

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