July 8, 2014

Online in 60 seconds [Infographic] – A Year Later

We all know activity on the internet on a daily basis moves at lightning speed, but there’s something about having the numbers in front of you that makes it just a little more fascinating.

In 2013 and 2014, we published the infographic “Online in 60 Seconds” and we thought it would be great to take a look at how the numbers have evolved…

Update: Check out our latest infographic for 2021 – it’s just as shocking!

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    I would like to use your infographic in a MOOC I am developing. I can’t embed. I would have to use it as an image. Please let me know about permission.

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    We would like to use this as a PDF on dell.com. Who can I talk to about use and permissions?


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    Hi there, if you send an email to press@qmee.com then we can help

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    Hi Stephany,

    Qmee is available in the US and UK at the moment but bringing the app to other countries is something we’re looking in to. Keep an eye on our blog and social sites for updates. Thanks!

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    Is there an updated / more recent version of this?

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