June 6, 2013

Qmee App Update – Showing Used Links

You know all the times you’ve contacted us with feedback/suggestions/problems? Well, we do listen, particularly when you said you wanted to see Qmee app results appear more often so we’ve made a few changes to make that happen!

As from tomorrow, it might look a bit different to what you’ve been used to. You’ve told us, and we’ve noticed, that clicking on the same link more than once has caused people to see fewer results. We thought it would make it better if we show used links so that we can continue to show you rewarded results for this or other searches.

To get the best experience it would be worth checking you are on the latest version of your browser, and the Qmee app. Once you have checked you are on the latest version of your browser we’ve made it simple to update Qmee- you can just login to www.qmee.com and you will get a prompt to update the app if you need to, or it says “Qmee is active” if you don’t.

It will still work anyway, but we do make quite a few improvements to the Qmee app so it would be good if you got to see them all.

Stay tuned for more updates of things we are working on.

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2 thoughts on “Qmee App Update – Showing Used Links

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    To whom it may concern,

    I have installed the Qmee application into my Firefox. Browser is up to date and Qmee same as well, unfortunately I have not received not even a penny since I register with Qmee and every time I go to check my add ons on Firefox menu this message is highlighted :

    “”Quotation mark ! in a triangle. Qmee could not be verified for use in Firefox. Proceed with caution. “”

    The information that I am receiving from Firefox are the following:
    Where would I encounter unsigned add-ons?

    Add-ons installed through the official Firefox Add-ons site undergo a rigorous review process before they are published. These add-ons are signed and verified.

    When you install an add-on through another website, Firefox checks to make sure that the add-on has been digitally signed before you can install it.

    Please help me to continue contribute to Qmee since is easy and very good service to have some small income.

    Looking forward for your response,
    Alexandros Papargyris

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    Hi Alexandros,

    Our support team have received your email regarding this issue and will respond as soon as they can.


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