April 26, 2022

Qmee House Rules

Our survey providers have rules for taking their surveys. It’s super important to follow these rules, as breaking them can lead to increased declines and our survey providers banning you from taking their surveys. This can mean you get less surveys to take in future. 

To help you avoid higher survey declines and provider bans, we’ve put together a list of house rules that you should follow when answering surveys with Qmee.

House Rules

Always answer honestly – this means we can continue to provide you with more surveys that are relevant to you. If the survey provider feels that your answers don’t match up, they are more likely to decline the survey.

Write clear answers – the survey providers can detect if the answer you write does not make sense, or is written in gibberish. If your answers aren’t clear and coherent, the survey provider may decline the survey.

Don’t rush – if you don’t have time to complete the survey in the time required, please don’t try to rush through it. If the survey provider feels that you’re speeding through a survey, they are more likely to decline it.

Complete the survey once it’s been opened – once you’ve started a survey, please don’t leave it to complete later; the survey will most likely ‘time out’ and will be deemed as unsuccessful.

Only open one survey – you can only have one survey open at a time; if you open a new survey, the original survey will be automatically closed.

Only use one device – make sure you complete a survey on the same device that you started it on; if you try and carry on a survey on a different device, the survey provider may class this as ‘suspicious activity’. This is because it may look like you’re trying to complete the same survey more than once.

Use a valid internet connection – if you’re using a VPN, proxy or Tor, please make sure you turn it off before taking a survey; our survey providers are less likely to decline your survey if you’re using a valid connection.

Don’t use offensive language – it is not tolerated by our survey providers and will result in an immediate ban.

The legal bit – by opting in to answering surveys you’re agreeing that any information you give as part of the survey can be passed on to our third-party survey partners. Find out more in our terms and privacy policy.

Do not create multiple Qmee accounts – please don’t create multiple Qmee accounts to try and get access to more surveys. You’re still only permitted to have one Qmee account as per our terms. Also, by having multiple Qmee accounts, both accounts are likely to get banned by the survey provider. 

Do not keep changing your Qmee survey profile – make sure it’s correct and up to date, but be sensible. If you change it too often, it will be seen as fraudulent. This will mean you won’t get new surveys.

Read our checklist to see what you can do to maximize the amount of surveys you get!

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