April 25, 2019

New feature! Qmee Survey Streaks!

We’re extremely excited to let you know we have a new feature that has recently gone live! Whether you’re using Qmee on your desktop, or you’re using the mobile app, get involved with our new survey streaks!

The new feature allows you to increase your survey rewards when you maintain a streak of 5 consecutive days of completing surveys or answering the daily poll. Your reward increase will be available for as long as your streak is active and will be shown next to the original survey reward (with the original reward crossed out).

On your Survey Dashboard, you’ll see 5 Oinq heads – they represent how many days you have left before you’ve completed your streak, and before your survey rewards are increased. Each Oinq head will be shown as a grey outline at first, and then will turn green when you’ve completed a survey or answered the daily poll for that day.

As you have to maintain a streak for 5 consecutive days, you’ll be shown (under your next Oinq head) how many hours/minutes you have to wait until the next survey you complete, or daily poll you answer, will count towards your streak.

Once your streak is active, and your survey rewards have increased, you’ll need to continue to complete a survey a day, or answer the daily poll each day, to keep your streak active and to keep earning the higher survey rewards.

So, good luck activating your streak and enjoy! If you have any questions about the new feature, please get in touch with our Support team on support@qmee.com.

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