August 8, 2017

Restyling your summer closet on a budget

Everyone wants to look good and feel great in the summer – and a big part of that is being happy with the clothes you’re wearing. We’ve all had that awful moment when you open your closet and can’t find anything at all that you want to wear! Those trousers are too small, that top is too boring and you just don’t like that shirt any more – nightmare. Worst of all, you haven’t added in buying a whole new closet of clothes to your summer budget.

It can get expensive to buy new clothes all the time so we’ve put together some tips for restyling your summer closet without spending a fortune…

Be thrifty – check out thrift stores, flea markets and online vintage stores instead of your usual department stores. You’re sure to find some great bargains and prices for items you’d usually buy from full price stores. Remember, vintage looks and one-offs are very popular, plus you’ll never have to worry about wearing the same outfit as anyone else!

Accessorize – instead of buying new clothes, why not just buy new things to wear them with. A colourful necklace, bag or belt will brighten up an old outfit, making it look brand new. Accessories will often be a lot cheaper than clothes items, especially if you look in thrift stores.

Small details – sometimes, adding one small new detail to an old outfit can change the whole look. Why not jazz up an old top by adding a pretty crochet flower, or change the look of some old jeans by sewing some patterned fabric around the pockets? There are so many things you can do to make old items look new – have a look online, especially on Pinterest, for some great ideas.

Look out for sales – if you decide you really do want to buy some new clothes, wait for the sales. There’s a different between ‘wanting’ and ‘needing’ – if you can spruce up your current closet for now and wait for the sales to begin, you’re sure to save a lot of money and not ruin your summer budget at all.

Have a clothes swap – if you have any friends that are a similar size to you, and they’re fed up with their clothes too, why not organize a clothes swap! Make sure all the clothes you swap are in a good condition (don’t try and give away your ripped and faded items, that’s unfair!) and you’ll end up with some outfits that, although are old for your friends, are brand new to you – and you won’t have had to spend a penny.

Another way to buy new clothes without spending too much money is by using eBay – online auctions are a great way to grab some bargains! Sit at home, browse and take time to find the best deals. Remember that Qmee works with eBay too so you may even earn some cash rewards whilst searching for a new outfit or find some great discount codes and offers.

If you have any money saving tips for restyling your closet, we’d love to hear them! Leave us a comment below…



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