March 28, 2017

How to save money when shopping

From food to new clothes, new gadgets to household goods, no matter what you’re buying it’s true to say that for many of us, shopping takes up a large amount of our monthly budget. Saving money can be difficult when you seem to need to buy something new every week, or more food every day! But do you really need everything you’re shopping for? Are there things you could cut out and save money on?

Whether you’re looking to save money on food shopping, or trying to cut down the amount you spend online, we’ve put together some top tips for saving money when shopping…

Compare prices – check out the competition and shop around before you buy anything. It might be cheaper to do your weekly shop at a different supermarket, or you might save more than you realize by getting your electronics from a different website. Although it takes up a bit of time, comparing prices is definitely worth it in the long run if you end up spending less. Remember that Qmee automatically shows you price comparisons in the sidebar when you’re searching online, if we find a cheaper product for you (that takes no time for you at all!).

Make a list of what you buy – do you really need a coffee from Starbucks every morning on your way to work? Do you have to buy a new pair of shoes each month? If you take the time to work out what you spend your money, it’ll make it much easier for you to work out where you can make cuts. Make a monthly list (using your online banking might help) of everything you’ve bought this month and see what you can cut out for next month.

Research before you buy – if you aren’t sure about a product, check reviews online before you buy it. You don’t want to buy something, take it home and then realize it’s not as great as it seems – so read through what other people who have already bought the product have to say about it first. You may find that doing this leads you to a different, cheaper product you can buy instead.

Don’t impulse buy – think carefully before making a purchase, especially if it’s expensive. You don’t want to regret your decision the next day so why not sleep on it and see if it’s as appealing in the morning – if it is, you know it’s the right decision to go ahead and buy it.

Beware of special offers – never buy something you don’t really need just because it’s on offer! Vouchers, cashback deals and special offers are fantastic if it’s for something you need so remember to keep an eye out for them, but don’t be fooled in to buying something you can easily live without. When grocery shopping, make sure the “special offer” is actually worth it – you may actually find it cheap to buy a different brand that isn’t on offer. If you have the Qmee mobile app installed, you’ll see vouchers and coupons on a daily basis that may help you save money on some of your favorite brands.

Why not make saving money on shopping a priority for the rest of the year and see how much you can really save? Let us know if you have any money saving ideas by leaving a comment below…



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