April 4, 2017

Saving money at Easter time

The Easter weekend isn’t far away and the celebrations will soon be starting. Many families use the holiday to spend quality time together and have some fun, especially if there are kids in the family.

It’s easy to get carried away when celebrating any holiday, and Easter is no exception – chocolate, gifts, Easter eggs and decorations are just a few things people often end up spending money on for the Easter weekend. This can become costly and you may end up spending a lot more than you had planned to.

However, Easter doesn’t have to mean splashing out and going over budget. There are plenty of things you can to do save money around Easter time, without missing out on all the fun! Take a look at these money saving tips that’ll help you enjoy the Easter holiday without spending too much…

Have a home-made Easter egg hunt – everyone loves a traditional Easter egg hunt, especially the kids. Public egg hunts pop up all over the place around Easter time but for many of them you have to pay to take part and they aren’t always cheap. So, why not create your own one at home? You don’t have to splash out and buy expensive gifts; just buy a variety of sweets to create a trail around the house and garden. No one will notice that the prizes are little ones because they’ll be enjoying themselves too much.

Start baking – treats for the Easter weekend can end up costing a fortune, especially if you’re having family and friends over for a get together and need a lot of supplies. So why not make your own Easter cakes and snacks instead? Grab some cheap ingredients from your local store and get baking! You’ll find lots of great recipes online and it’ll be a fun activity for the children to get involved in too.

Have a get together at home – instead of going out for an Easter-weekend family meal, which could end up being very expensive, why not hold a get together in your own home. It would be a great idea to ask everyone to “pitch in” and bring something along with them; food and drink for the buffet, chocolate for the kids, a few decorations – anything that will help everyone stick to their springtime budget.

Don’t spend more than you need to – it’s easy to get carried away during the holidays and spend more than you actually need to. Do you really need a whole new outfit just for Easter weekend? The answer is probably no. So why not just buy some new accessories to freshen up an outfit you already have? New earrings, a new necklace or even some new hair accessories can change the whole look of an outfit. It’s a cheaper way to still look great and stand out at your Easter get-together.

We’d love to know what your plans are for Easter, and if you have any money saving ideas for the Easter weekend, so leave us a comment below…



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