April 14, 2020

Survey profile questions and why they are important

Taking surveys is a great way to earn rewards, whether you’re using Qmee on your desktop or using the mobile app. As soon as you sign up to use Qmee, you’re asked to complete your survey profile – and we know there are certain survey profile questions asked that make people wonder “Why are you asking me that?”…

The answer to that question is “so we can provide you with surveys that are specifically tailored to you and your profile”. The more tailored the surveys, the more interesting, fun and relevant you’ll find them. But still, many survey profile questions may seem intrusive and awkward to answer – for example when you’re asked your ethnicity, your household income, your political preference or if you have any illnesses.

The reason you’re asked to fill out a survey profile, and asked specific questions about yourself, is because every survey has a different criteria they need. For example, a survey on “baby vaccinations” may need to only hear from new parents or parents-to-be. They may also need to know where the new parent or parent-to-be is based so may ask for their location – the survey provider will often ask your location, and it’s part of your survey profile, as it’s important for the survey to get varied responses from people across different locations (not just opinions from people living in the same area). Profile information such as your ethnicity may be asked too. All of the questions asked are usually to get an understanding of different groups of people, who may have different opinions on the survey topic (e.g. baby vaccinations).

None of the information you give when filling out your survey profile is linked to your personal information such as your Qmee email address – so the survey providers will only see your survey profile information in order to match you to a survey. We keep individual data anonymous.*

Providing up-to-date profile information can reduce your chances of being sent a survey that you won’t qualify for and reduce the chance of wasting time on a survey that doesn’t suit you (because you don’t meet the criteria for a particular survey – remember, no one will fit the criteria for every single survey they are sent).

Keeping your survey profile as up to date as possible will help you receive the latest relevant surveys. For example, if you’ve just bought a new car, you may want to update this so that your profile no longer says you’re looking to purchase a car within the next 12 months. If you’ve just returned from a holiday in Europe, you may want to update this as you might find there are surveys that want feedback on your trip. If you’ve recently starting playing a particular genre of video game, you may find that the company that makes the video games want you to take a survey to tell them what’s good and what’s bad about it so they can improve.

Your truthful and up-to-date survey profile information will ensure that Qmee can match you to the right surveys and reduce the chances of us matching you to a survey you are no longer relevant to.

*Remember, there are certain surveys (not including your survey profile) that may ask for Personal Identifiable Information (PII), such as your name, email address or phone number. You have the option to disable these types of surveys from your Qmee account, and you can always exit a survey like this if you’re not comfortable answering their questions. It’s your own choice whether or not to give a survey any PII – Qmee won’t ever do this as any individual data we have is kept anonymous.

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