October 29, 2015

The new sidebar and Qmee Deal Finder

Have you noticed our new look and feel sidebar? We’ve updated the sidebar to make things smarter, cleaner and clearer for our users and it’s ready for you just as you’re about to start your holiday shopping!

Holiday season is almost upon us which means it’s almost time to start your holiday shopping – if you haven’t already started! Although we love the holiday season, we know that shopping can be quite stressful and, of course, often very expensive.

So this holiday season we’re bringing you the new Qmee Deal Finder! In addition to your normal Qmee rewards, we’re aiming to help you find the best deal for your shopping needs whenever we can. The best deals will be shown in Qmee sidebar in addition to your normal results and we’ll show how much you could save on that particular item – have a look at the image below:




As well as offering cash rewards we love helping our users save a bit of money when we can – which is what we’re hoping to do with our new Deal Finder, along with the offers we already show in the sidebar when we have them available. When you see a result without a cash reward attached, it’s an offer result. These results have an offer code for you to use if you decide to buy something from that particular website – have a look at the image below:




If you have any questions about our new sidebar, or about the new Qmee Deal Finder, leave us a comment below or drop our support team an email on support@qmee.com. We’d love to hear your feedback as well!


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8 thoughts on “The new sidebar and Qmee Deal Finder

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    im trying qmee for 2 days… but nothing show up….very disappointed

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    Hi Rina,

    As long as you can see the Q in the bar along the top of your browser it indicates the app is installed and working as it should be.

    We only show results when we think we have something relevant to show you, so we won’t appear every time or all the time. Qmee gives the best results when you are searching normally, clicking on results that interest you and engaging with the brands you love.

    We do look at your pattern of searches and clicks to determine whether to show you results or not and this changes over time as you use the service. You aren’t required to buy every time you click on a result, just have a genuine interest in what you’ve clicked on whilst you’re shopping online.

    As well as showing results with cash rewards, we also show coupons and deals in the sidebar to make your internet shopping experience even better, and to try and save you some money too.

    You have only recently joined Qmee so if you are not seeing anything today, don’t worry, when it sees you have settled down to a normal search pattern you will start to see results again. You can always test the app is working by going to Google and searching for “Qmee” – you should see the sidebar appear.


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    Always worked fine for me. there is a little green circle beside your browser tab and when you search SOMETIMES !!! it brings up a sidebar to the left of the google or yahoo or whatever search you are doing. This only appears sometimes with adverts or shopping searches or whatever and shows you the amount of money you get from choosing the link. Hope that helps

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    New sidebar is working fine. Looks cool easy to identify links from. simple to use and clear for revenue. very nice. Would be good to somehow help select relevant surveys based on this. I seem to only get one or 2 surveys a day which is nice but when there are too many people already can make earnings really small. would be good to be guaranteed only links to ones which arn’t full or select more precisely ones that you can complete.

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    I think that this is a good idea. I like it.

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    Thanks guys 🙂

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    Is a magnificent concept, but try to do it better than black Friday. because for most people black Friday is a problem for many reasons, like the people that try to get or buy something is almost impossible. and plus there is a lot of problems with that, by the facts and conflicts in such sell.

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