October 18, 2016

Fun things to do on Halloween

There’s just under two weeks to go until Halloween and things are starting to get spooky – the decorations are going up, pumpkins are being carved and Halloween themed treats are being bought, baked and put near the front door in preparation for visits from trick or treaters.

Have you made plans for the 31st yet? If not, don’t panic! We’ve thought of a few fun things you could on the day and throughout the evening of Halloween that’ll keep you and the children entertained…

Throw a party – everyone loves attending a Halloween party so why not be the one to host it? To keep the cost down, ask everyone to bring some food and drink along with them – that way, no one will have to spend too much. You can get cheap decorations to make your home look spooky for the evening and ask everyone to come in a costume to make it even more fun.

Have a movie night – if you aren’t one for throwing parties, why not have just a few friends over and have a night of watching scary horror films. Grab a few bags of popcorn from your local store, make mugs of home-made hot chocolate and you’ll be all set for the evening. Loads of old scary movies are shown on, and around, Halloween so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Make jack-o’-lanterns – who doesn’t love the magic of a glowing pumpkin lantern brightening a dark October night? Carving pumpkins is a really fun activity that all the family can get involved with. Pumpkins aren’t expensive so you could buy one for each family member and have a competition to see who can carve the scariest face out of their pumpkin! Remember, you can use all of the pumpkin that you’ve scraped out in soups and pies so nothing will go to waste.

Create costumes for the kids – if you have children that are young enough to go trick or treating, why not make home-made Halloween costumes for them? You’ll save a fortune as fancy dress costumes can often be expensive but the bits and bobs you’ll need to make your own costume won’t cost much at all. The kids will love getting involved and being able to say that made their own costume, no matter what it is.

Make your own treats – if you’re staying in for the evening, you’re bound to get a few trick or treaters knocking on your door. Instead of doing the norm and buying candy to give out, why not make your own treats to give to the kids? Pumpkin cookies, Halloween themed chocolates and scarily decorated cupcakes are just a few things you could make – have a look online for some great Halloween themed recipes.

Creating your own ghost hunt, face painting, trick and treating with your kids… there’s so many things you could do to have fun on Halloween, we’ve only named a few! We’d really love to know what your Halloween plans are, or what you’ve done to celebrate Halloween in previous years, so leave us a comment below.



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