January 28, 2014

Weirdest ways to save money

Ever thought about the weirdest thing you’d do to save some pennies? Or do you know no shame and will do anything? We’ve found some of the weirdest things people have done (or tried to do) to save money! Read on…

  • Get sponsored – some couples get corporate sponsors for their weddings! An American couple in 2006 secured their $100,000 wedding for free from 25 different sponsors!
  • Reuse pet fur – If you own a pet, the odds are that your entire home is already covered in fur. There are now a lot of people knitting dog-hair afghans and making cat-fur handbags – you can even get books instructing you how…
  • Put a brick in your toilet cistern- the dispute over whether it’s an old wive’s tale still battles on but if you put a brick or any other large object  into the cistern of your toilet, it means it stores less water and uses less for each flush.
  • Avoid shopping in supermarkets – with the resurgence in the trend of homebrewing how hard can it really be?!
  • Don’t buy clothes for a year – this seems to be a popular experiment, no doubt due to our reputation for needing just MORE things, so some people are making like grandma and darning holes in their socks in a bid to save cash.
  • Give pre-owned gifts – is passing gifts you don’t want to someone else really bad manners or just an easy way to save some extra money?

    What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done to save money?

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