April 15, 2014

Easter celebrations on a budget

With Easter approaching this weekend and the extra holiday days to think of it is easy to get carried away from your budget. To give you a helping hand we’ve put together some top money saving tips for the Easter weekend, read on to find out more.

  • Save on new clothes – If you like a new outfit for a holiday then its always good to plan ahead, buying items in the end of season sale can save you a ridiculous amount of cash and chances are you’ll get your hands on exactly the items you had in mind.
  • Freshen up an outfit – If you need a fast fix for a new wardrobe then just buy a few new accessories – new earrings or hair ribbons for the little ones will instantly refresh an outfit!
  • Re-use and save – If you like to make your own Easter gifts then save any re-usable bags, baskets etc you receive this year – just remember who you got them from!
  • Gifts that keep on giving – If you’re making gifts for your own children then try and include things they will really need or will find useful later in the year – activities that will keep them entertained during rainy days will be far more useful than chocolate treats they will eat in a day!
  • Create more fun – Instead of creating a Easter basket then create an Easter egg hunt around the garden will a trail of sweets – the kids will have so much fun they won’t notice if there is less treats than normal!

How do you save money during the holidays? Pop a comment below!

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