April 22, 2014

Save the world and save money at the same time!

To celebrate Earth Day 2014 we’ve looked at quick ways you could instantly save money and energy, read on to find out how you can do your bit!


  • Get those draughts blocked – Despite the fact it’s Spring, there is still a chill in the air – you’re probably having to crank your heating up to make up for the lost heat through draughts around doors, windows and the floor! Investing a bit of money in draught-proofing products like silicone sealant and draught excluders could save you a lot of money and keep the unsustainable resources down!
  • Turn the red lights off – standby doesn’t mean it’s off! Leaving your TV on standby all night is a massive culprit for syphoning off electricity, which would be better used putting the kettle on in the morning!
  • Don’t land yourself in hot water – you can save almost £50 a year just by thinking more about how you treat your hot water, whether it’s setting your washing machine to 30°C, using a bowl to wash up rather than leaving the hot tap running or just boiling the amount of water you need in the kettle each time!
  • Let there be light – LED spotlights and energy saving bulbs are now as bright as the regular ones, so you no longer have an excuse! Get all those lights changed and you could save around £45 a year!


Do you have any quick-fix tips to help others save money and energy? Happy Earth Day everyone!

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