January 23, 2018

Happy Australia Day!

As our Australian Qmee users will know (and some of our British, American and Canadian users may also know too), it’s Australia Day in 3 days’ time – yippee!

For those of you who aren’t sure what Australia Day is, let us fill you in – the day is a national public holiday that celebrates the Australian nation’s diversity, achievements and much more. The holiday marks the day that the first fleets arrived from Britain in 1788, and the best thing about the day is there are tons of way to celebrate it!

From cooking some Australian foods to show your national pride, to watching some Australian films and dressing up in the Australian flag’s colors, there are plenty of fun things you can do on the 26th to enjoy the holiday. Take a look at some of the ideas below…

Celebrate with food and drink – nothing says Australia Day like throwing a BBQ for all your friends and family! The more meat you grill on the day, the better – you could even try cooking some kangaroo steaks to get in the spirit of the day. Don’t forget to grab a slab of Australian beer to share with everyone as well, and remember that if you fancy a dessert after the BBQ is finished, Pavlova is Australian through and through!

Head to a community event – most Australian communities will put on a few public events to celebrate the day. There’s usually festivals, concerts, sports matches and parades – so you’ll have lots to choose from! You could even organise something yourself, for your community, if you haven’t seen anything advertised.

Watch a fireworks display – many cities and towns have fireworks in the evening on Australia Day so grab a blanket, a picnic basket and some snacks, and head out at a reasonable hour to get a good view. If you don’t fancy going out in the evening, you could also watch the fireworks on the television as many are shown on different channels.

Decorate your home Australian-style – why not put up loads of Australian flags around the house to showcase your Aussie love! You could also use other Australian themed decorations such as tablecloths, towels, balloons and posters to turn your home in to an Australian wonderland for the day.

These are just a few ideas of things you can do on the 26th to enjoy and celebrate Australia Day – we’d love to hear from our Australian Qmee users to find out what your plans are for the day so leave us a comment below…



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