May 23, 2013

Holiday Destinations – Who’s searching for what

Summer’s coming and you’re starting to think about two weeks in paradise, so in case you’re wondering where everyone else wants to go, here are the top 10 searched for summer holiday destinations – plus a nice little teaser to wet your whistle!

  1. Sydney – A city, on a harbor, complete with beaches. It’s easy to see why Sydney is the number one searched for holiday out of all holiday destinations! Plus it goes without saying that it’s far better weather than we ever see and that will do just fine!source:
  2. Dubai – Being the first place to introduce the ‘shopping festival’ more and more people are becoming intrigued by Dubai’s ostentatious attitude to having a good time. source:
  3. NY – We’re not going to use the ‘city that never sleeps’ cliché but whether it’s to see the shopping, the museums, the nightlife or just stand and bask in Times Square there is something for everyone, all in one city.Source:
  4. Paris – Whether you want to live up to the impressions of grandeur and romance or visit the back streets and live like a Parisian for a while, Paris is the place to be.Source;
  5. Hong Kong – Where temples nestle under skyscrapers and home to some of the most ancient festivals that are still celebrated today, Hong Kong certainly is an interesting place to visit.Source:
  6. Venice – Another romance capital, Venice boasts the unique Grand Canal palaces and the most artistic masterpieces per square kilometer anywhere, and with a buzzing ever moving lifestyle it’s certainly not sinking.Source:
  7. Cape Town – White beaches, breath taking cliffs and a buzzing, inspired culture that stretches from the city to the deep south – whatever you prefer, cape town has it.Source:
  8. Tenerife – As part of the Canary Islands, Tenerife boasts Spain’s tallest peak and sights that go way beyond clubs and booze (although that does play a big part of it as well…)source:
  9. Copenhagen – With a rich, extensive history and sights upon sights to see, Copenhagen is a hot spot for any history lovers. (It’s also a stag do hotspot!)source:

10. Berlin – A haven of culture, history and probably one of the coolest places to visit, not to mention an insane nightlife, Berlin has become one of the places to visit over the last few years. source:

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