February 18, 2014

Money saving tips for half term

Mid-February only means one thing to most parents – the first half term of the new year. Keeping the kids entertained, your sanity and budget in tact seems like a tricky task sometimes so we’ve come up with some top money saving tips for the week!


Keep it local – if there is always a park or a museum you walk past on your daily commute, take a look into it ! They might have events on for pennies or even free


Get friendly – taking it in turns with other parents to have all the kids round will ensure everyone has fun and will give you all at least a few hours off duty during the week!


Stop multi-tasking! – if you’re normally checking your emails or planning your shopping list whilst playing with the kids then give them your full attention for just an hour and see how much difference it can make to everyday activities!


Plan, plan, plan – if you look at websites and online tips ahead of your planned trips you could stumble across a great money saving deal!

Get out! – even if it’s just for a walk or a bike ride outdoor activity can create a welcome break during your day.


Get creative – let them help to make their lunch, it’s a job you would be doing anyway and it might take a bit longer but it will keep them entertained and they might be more inclined to empty their plate!


What are your top tips for keeping the kids entertained on a budget?

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