November 12, 2013

Money saving tips for winter

With the winter weather truly upon us, we’ve been looking at some easy ways you could save money when you’re really feeling the pinch. Take a look at our money saving tips below:

  1. Get yourself a thermostat or timer – that way you’re heating is only on when you want it to be.
  2. Unplug electric items – even when they’re not in use they could still be using power.
  3. Keep your doors shut – this sounds obvious but it’s amazing how much heat you can lose by leaving them open.
  4. Putting your clothes on an airier with the heating on is cheaper than using a tumble drier!
  5. Good wall/attic insulation will do wonders – and draft snakes are perfect for those drafts that can sneak under doors.
  6. Slow cookers use little energy and are the best for creating winter warmer meals – who doesn’t love chilli or stew when it’s cold and dark outside?
  7. We know how boring long dark nights can be – libraries are the perfect place to get your DVDs and other entertainment from, all for free!
  8. Wear a jumper – it’s not rocket science and your granny who knitted it for you will be made up!
  9. Make sure everything is turned off before you go to sleep – if you do need to leave a light on try and get a low wattage bulb.

10. Towel dry your hair thoroughly  – this means less colds and less time spent with hairdryer…

11. Turn heating off just before you go to bed – you won’t feel the cold when you’re tucked up in bed and you won’t be using heat                 unnecessarily

12. Use a hot water bottle instead of an electric blanket

13. Draw your curtains as it gets dark to keep heat in and the reminder of the horrible weather out!


Do you have any money saving tips for the winter?

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