December 17, 2013

Most popular New Year’s resolutions

With Christmas and New Year getting ever closer, many of you may have already started thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. Or maybe you’re thinking there’s no point in making one because you never stick to them anyway…

Either way there is always some resolutions that come back around year after year – here are the most popular ones…

  1. Read more books
  2. Save more money
  3. Lose weight/get fit
  4. Redecorate/declutter
  5. Go travelling
  6. Do something for charity
  7. Spend more time with friends and family
  8. Watch less TV
  9. Leave work on time more often
  10. Less time on Facebook
  11. Change style
  12. Drink less alcohol
  13. Tell someone I have feelings for them
  14. Quit smoking
  15. Gain a promotion/get a new job
  16. Run a marathon
  17. Try to save relationship/cut someone out who isn’t good for you
  18. Try extreme sports
  19. Get a better education
  20. Eat better

Have you made any of the same resolutions for next year?

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