April 27, 2022

Survey Requirements

You might be wondering why you’re not receiving many surveys. One reason for this is because survey providers can be really specific about the type of people they want to answer a particular survey.

For example, a survey provider might be looking for 40-year-old single males from Seattle. You may be a 40-year-old male, you may be from Seattle, but if you’re not single, you may not be shown that survey. In this situation, you do not fit the specific qualifications the provider is looking for, so you won’t be shown that survey.

This works both ways, so another provider might be looking for 40-year old married males from Seattle. Using the respondent in the previous example, that person would get shown that survey, but, this time, their single counterparts would not. 

Therefore, during certain periods, you may find yourself not having as many surveys as you normally would. But, don’t panic – this isn’t because you’ve done anything wrong or because your account is broken, and if your profile is 100% complete you should start receiving more surveys soon. 

Demographics can also be the cause of a lot of declines. Check out this blog to understand why you may have periods of increased declines because you don’t fit what the provider is looking for. 

You can also take a look at our checklist to see what else you could do to maximize the amount of surveys you get!

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