February 20, 2020

The new “Actual Survey Length” feature on Qmee surveys!

Surveys are a brilliant, fun way to earn some extra cash – we all know this, and we all know Qmee surveys are particularly great! However, we also know that it’s extremely frustrating when the survey providers tell you a survey is going to take 5 minutes to complete, and it ends up taking you 15 minutes. Showing the wrong survey length is not cool!

When choosing a survey to take part in, as well as the reward amount, the amount of time the survey will take you is one of the main things people look at when making their decision. So, if the time is wrong, it can be a very negative experience.

Because of this (and because we’re pretty great here at Qmee!), we’ve created a new “Actual Survey Length” feature for Qmee surveys!

On each survey on your Dashboard you’ll see the length of time the survey provider has told us the survey will take to complete, as well as the length of time it seems to be taking our Qmee users to complete the survey (IF the time differs from what the survey provider has said).

If you hover over the survey, you’ll see the average length of time the survey is taking Qmee users, the shortest time Qmee users have taken to complete the survey and the longest time. We’ve calculated these estimates based on how long other Qmee users have spent in each survey before they completed it.

These estimates are a great way help you decide whether or not you’d like to take part in the particular survey you’re looking at, based on the amount of time it’s likely to take you. The times shown are just there to help you, as a guide for the length of the survey – they aren’t there for you to try and beat, or to try and complete the survey in a shorter amount of time! Remember, if you start trying to complete the survey too quickly, the providers are likely to decline you.

This feature is currently available when using Qmee on a desktop device and the mobile app. If you can’t see the new feature on your mobile, try updating the app and you should then see it perfectly! If you still have trouble, contact our Support team on support@qmee.com.

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