March 11, 2014

Top Apple products over the years

With the Macworld conference this month we’ve been looking at the best Apple products over the years – can you remember any of these? Did you own any?

1976 – Apple I

Most computers in 1976 needed kits and degrees just to assemble it, but the original Apples were put together as complete circuit boards.


1977 – Apple ][

With 12K of ROM and a maximum 6-color screen resolution of 280 x 192, the Apple ][ was a massive breakthrough for the company.


1984 – Macintosh

The original Mac might not be the best to today’s standards (no hard drive, retailed at $2,500), it was cheaper and more user-friendly than competing PCs!

1993 – MessagePad and Newton OS


Apple’s 1993 offering included many staples of the modern PDA such as upgrade slots, flash storage, data-sharing and rotating screen orientation. However even regular hardware and OS upgrades, which added more storage, speed, better screens, handwriting recognition didn’t make up for the fact the MessagePad was fairly overpriced at the time, retailing from $700. Apple stopped production of the hardware and support of the software in 1998.


1994 – QuickTake



The first Apple camera, the QuickTake had 1MB of internal flash memory and only worked with Macintosh computers. Apple also released a Windows-compatible version of the camera called the 150.


1998 – iMac


The iMac that started the iTrend.

2001 – Flower Power iMac

The lovely artwork installed on the side of this iMac ensured the Flower Power iMac had a short shelf life…




2001 had some successes though, with the start of the iPod frenzy that we know and love today.

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